Security & CCTV

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Security & CCTV

That Lady Justice is blind is something we all know. That does not mean that we should close our eyes to the things that may happen. Cameras are increasingly used to capture places and times where you are not at the/ that specific moment.

Each camera generates individual messages when movement is detected in the field of view of the camera. The footage is saved on a hard disk recorder. You can also view live or recorded footage with a computer or mobile phone. Obviously, this is only possible for authorized people within your organization.

It is therefore impossible for unauthorized people to gain access to your security system. The cameras are strategically placed and are able to follow individuals which are in or on the monitored object.

In conjunction with an alarm system in which room detection and access control is used, unwished guests are minimalized in office/industrial buildings. ETR is able to build a customized installation for your application with different brands and providers.

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